Jealousy in Marriage

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Creating Boundaries

Creating relationship boundaries helps strengthen the fence around your marriage and helps the two of you work on jealousy. In your marriage, if you are jealous when you see your spouse hugging a member of the opposite sex, then consider creating structured boundaries....



Jealousy in marriage can be a destructive force. One spouse is constantly suspicious of the other, and the other spouse begins to feel controlled. When someone begins to feel controlled, often they will rebel against being controlled, resulting in the jealousy being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Getting Past Jealousy

Jealousy can be controlled, or rather, spouses can learn to not provoke jealousy in each other. There are some cases in which the jealousy is caused by the behavior of the other spouse when they act provocatively, inviting the spouse's jealousy. All of these situations can be avoided if you work together and adjust how you act around others.