Survive an Affair

You Can Survive An Affair If You Know the Right Steps

It is often possible, but difficult, to survive an affair. You as a couple have some hurdles in your path for your marriage to survive after an affair.

Initial Steps to Get Over An Affair

Desire to Repair Your Marriage and Heal From Betrayal

You have to really want to repair your marriage and heal from the betrayal, lies and cheating. This desire must be there on both of your parts, for without wanting to heal and repair your marriage, you may lose sight of your goal and falter.

Different Perceptions Create Different Experiences

Each of you probably has a different experience about what happened. Differences can occur on many planes. Some examples include:

Further Work to Survive Affair is Necessary

There are more steps in the long road to recovery after an affair, but the above steps give you a sense of how marriage healing begins.

Can you Survive an Affair?

Maybe you can repair your marriage after an affair, but it will take desire and effort on both your parts and the offending spouse will have to resolve to improve his or her character.

I wish you courage and persistence in putting your marriage back on the path to being a wonderful journey together.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Warmest regards,

Getting Marriage Help to Survive Affair

I have been counseling couples and relationships for over 35 years. Most of all, I have been helping couples who were dealing with infidelity to move on and survive after marital affairs. I can probably help you too.

I offer personal, individualized help in Baltimore, Maryland (in my Pikesville office) to couples from all over the world. I offer marriage counseling and marriage retreats. Please call my office line at 410-654-1300 or toll-free at 866-654-1300 to learn more.

Marriage Self-Help

You can also work with my self-help program, which gives steps and structure to repairing the awful effects of affairs and infidelity. Learn more about my self-help program Survive an Affair.

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