Marital Affair in the Workplace

Infidelity & Sex That Begins in the Workplace

I often deal with infidelity in marriages and frequently it begins in the workplace.

Sexually Provocative: Is She Aware?

Did you want me, Mr. Harrison? Says a Provocatively Dressed Blonde to Her Uncomfortable Boss

I think the attached cartoon implies that the woman is aware of how sexually provocative she is and possibly delighting in the sexual discomfort she is provoking. The man seems quite aware of his own discomfort.

Based on my experience in working with marital affairs, both people, if interviewed after this scene, would be likely to deny any sexual tension in the workplace. The denial is part of the "game".

Sexual Tension Origin in Your Workplace

Sexual activity arising at the job can begin with many things, such as:

What I find particularly interesting is that the people most affected are often the last to admit what is happening, while all those around can see quite clearly the sexual tension as it grows between the two people.

Is This the Workplace Spouse?

We could be describing the workplace spouse, but not necessarily. Sexual interest can occur with colleagues at the same level or across employee levels even as extreme as owner to maid, or manager to underling, even down several levels.

Even when there is non-verbal interest such as in the accompanying cartoon, one person has to actually cross the line with some kind of verbal or non-verbal invitation to take it to the next step. From the stories I have heard, this is usually some seemingly innocuous private meeting such as lunch or even being the last two lingering people after a company social or get-together at the bar.

Avoid Being the Unfaithful Spouse

Some readers will dismiss my recommendations as prudish, but these are based on my many years of working with couples trying to recover after a marital affair.

I wish you all the strength and courage it takes to be faithful to your spouse and create a wonderful life-long marriage together.

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